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Supernatural, gen, ~1K words, set during "Mystery Spot."

Warning: Dean dies. Also contains brief descriptions of Dean's previous deaths.

After watching Dean die seventy-eight times, Sam would have thought he'd be used to it.

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Sick Day

Jul. 11th, 2016 10:50 pm
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Supernatural, gen, ~1000 words. Sam has a concussion, Dean takes care of him. For [profile] ereynolds, who has the crud and requested Dean taking care of Sam.

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Supernatural, Sam/Dean, for the SPN Kink Bingo Square "Role Play". Rape roleplay, explicit consent, bottom!Sam. Sam wants to try new things.

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Warning: Underage. There's a reason Dean Winchester likes take-charge brunettes.

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Supernatural, PG-13 ~650 words, Sam notices a pattern, Dean points out the exception.

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Supernatural, PG-13, Dean Winchester (with an unwanted guest appearance by Sammy Winchester). Going through puberty while sharing a motel room with your brother sucks.

Warning: Underage Dean is 14.

When Dean wakes up he has to piss, but he's hard as a rock, as usual, and he's learned in the past few months that the only way to relieve the situation is to jerk off. Usually, he'd take care of himself under the covers, fast and quiet, but Sammy is awake already, sitting cross-legged on the bed, watching cartoons.

He grabs the bottle of lotion he's learned to keep by the bed and shuffles, hunched-over, to the bathroom. Double-checks that the door is locked, and decides against the ice-cold toilet seat. He leans back against the sink, closes his eyes, and thinks of Tia Carrere.

He's just three strokes in when there's a knock on the door. "Are you done yet?"

"No, Sammy!" His voice cracks with the effort of not actually shouting.

"Cuz I have to pee!"

So do I, and I can't until I finish jerking off, so leave me alone!

"Just a couple minutes!" he shouts instead.

"But I have to peeeeee!"

He considers telling Sammy to use the kitchen sink, but that would be gross. "Be out soon!"

"Okay," Sammy mumbles through the door, but Dean can still see the reflection of Sammy's feet in the linoleum, he's standing outside the door, and Dean can't just jerk off with his little brother right there.

"Go away!" He's reduced to begging, now.

"Why are you being such a jerk all of a sudden?"

"You'll understand in about four years, now please please leave me alone."

He loves his little brother, really he does, but in the long moment before Sam retreats, he wants to strangle him a little bit, too.

Finally, he's alone with himself and it never takes long. Less than a minute later, he's cleaning himself up with a handful of cheap motel toilet paper, and then he's finally able to take a whiz and surrender the bathroom to Sammy, who glares at him as he hustles past.

He flops face-down on the bed, and notices as he does the telltale tingle in his groin.

Puberty, he thinks, is not for sissies.

Pi Day

Mar. 14th, 2016 11:03 pm
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(Supernatural, 200 words, basically what it says on the tin.)

"Happy Pi Day!" Dean calls. He's carrying a stack of pink bakery boxes. "Help me with some of these?"

"How many pies did you buy?"

"Pie-pies?" Dean asks. "Or are you counting the pizzas too?"

Sam rolls his eyes and grabs the pizzas. "We're going to be eating round food for the next week."

"You say that like it's a bad thing, Sammy." He leads the way into the kitchen, deposits the pies, then flips open the top pizza box and loads a plate with three slices of pepperoni pizza, then a slice each of cherry and blueberry pie.

Sam grabs a couple of slices of pizza and follows Dean out into the main room. He opens his laptop and the book he's been reading; a commentary on ancient Mycenaean prophecies.

"What are you doing?" Dean asks, around a mouthful of pizza."


"No you're not," Dean says, and reaches over to flip the book closed. "It's a holiday."

"Pi day is not a federal holiday." He shakes his head. "And we don't get holidays off anyway."

"This one we do," Dean says.

Sam thinks, for a moment, about arguing. But then he shuts the laptop, too.


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