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I've gotten into Supernatural recently, thanks to my friend Liz (ere ynolds74 on lj).

I've written a few fics.

A Star Wars Moment (http://archiveofourown.org/works/5991553) Sam Wesson kissed Dean Smith. Then the angels returned their memories. Awkward!

Or Best Offer http://archiveofourown.org/works/6010543 reader-insert, A demon makes you (reader) an offer.

Jursidiction http://archiveofourown.org/works/6078006 When Dean learns that there are other FBI Agents on the case, it's time to call Bobby for back-up.

Truce http://archiveofourown.org/works/6131026 When Sam catches up with demon!Dean, he's too sick to fight him. Dean's big brother instincts kick in.

Truth Hurts TRIGGER WARNING for non-penetrative sexual assault http://archiveofourown.org/works/6204454 Dean is captured and tortured by a witch. Under normal circumstances, he knows Sam would rescue him. But the soulless thing that looks like his brother? He can't count on it.A

Also I have links to other people's meta:

Smart Dean Winchester: http://lookatthesefreakinghipsters.tumblr.com/post/120740114529/instances-of-smartdean-that-arent-the

This thread on Fandom!Secrets has a lot of interesting comments https://fandomsecrets.dreamwidth.org/1379833.html?thread=897001977#cmt897001977
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From "I'd hit that like Inspector Duggan hit the Jageroth" to "I'm not mating with you, Sunshine."

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As in, the while building a fence, a character made four taps and stopped for a moment, before beginning hammering in earnest. Subtle enough that I almost didn't catch it; I had to replay the scene to double-check.

More incidents from Jack's life, more of Jack being cold and ruthless when he needed to be. It's a side of him I really hadn't seen on his episodes of Doctor Who. Though that makes sense; on DW the Doctor's the one making the tough decisions; here Jack is the one who has to make the hard calls.
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Though this episode was all about the team, their personalities, their dynamics, it was also closely tied into the Doctor Who continuity. And not just the main plot of the Cybermen.

At the end of the episode, Jack and Gwen are talking. But under it, slow at first and subtle enough that you might not notice it unless you'd seen "The Sound of Drums," is a very familiar four-beat rhythm.

Since I've seen that episode, it made the hair on the back of my neck stand on end. Creepy!
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So I've actually watching Torchwood in order on Netflix, rather than randomly on BBCA. A few thoughts:

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Of course, the down side of being fannish about a text is that (for me at least) its fails feel more personal. Such as CSI's "Let's shame Catherine Willows for having a drink with a guy in a bar and actually considering going home with him, the dirty slut!" episode I caught tonight. (As opposed to when Warrick screws up, everyone [especially Grissom] rallies around him.)
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b/c I'm too half asleep to do any actual thinking.

53 total

By Fandom

Star Wars: 14 (10 PT, 3 Mando'ade, 2 OT, 2 EU, [some fit into multiple categories])
Pirates of the Caribbean: 7 (3 of which feature Norrington)
Lord of the Rings: 6
No Specific Fandom: 6
Robotech: 5 (3 Macross, 2 New Gen)
Goldeneye: 3
Star Trek: 3 (2 Original Series, 1 DS9)
Babylon 5/Crusade: 2
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: 2 (including my default icon)
Harry Potter: 2
1 Each: Firefly/Serenity, House, Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles

By Gender

Males: 28
Females: 14
Mixed Groupings: 5
No Humanoids: 5
Transvestite: 1

By Race:

Only White Characters: 37
Only Characters of Color: 3
Mixed Groupings: 3

By Pairing (seriously subjective, obviously; I went by my intentions):

Slash: 5
Het: 3
Saffic: 2

By Genre:

humor: 23
portrait: 23
meta-ish: 18
textless: 10
quote-mixing: 7
lolspeak/kitteh: 6
story headers: 2
picture of my cat: 1
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I identify as a slasher.

This will probably come as a surprise to nobody on my flist; I tend to post hot m/m action (or m/m angst) on my eljay with a fair amount of regularity. But to me, "slasher" is more than just what I write (and who I write about) -- it's part of my fannish identity.

Out of curiosity, I looked at my fanfic masterlist. I have a total of 56 stories posted, from drabbles to the 47-part epic that is Broken For Me. (If you count each chapter of BFM as a separate "story," the total goes up to 102, which means I have absolutely NO life.

Of those stories, 46 (or 72 if you count every BFM chapter individually), are slash. Het comes in second place with 16, followed by saffic at 9, hetfic at 8, and polyfic at 5. I also have one metafic and one hard-to-classify fic involving a relationship between a woman and a crossdressing man, in which the woman realizes that she's falling for his female alter ego. I wasn't sure whether to call it het, saffic, or poly, so I stuck it under "other".

So, pretty obvious. Slasher, right?

Until I ran the numbers by ship.

Slash was still in the lead; 11 of my couples are m/m*. But the lead is a lot narrower; I had 9 m/f couples accounted for, plus 6 f/f couples, and two polyfics, both f/m/m. And of course, the one "other" shippyfic.

Plus, of course, those 16 genfics. Aside from three which "link" together as part of the same 'verse, I'd call them all standalone.

So why did I call myself a slasher again? It's clearly not because I only go for m/m couples. Of the 29 ships I've written about, 11 have been m/m and 18 are something else.

Sheer number of fics is possibly a better answer -- I've written a lot of slash. Except that 38 of my stories have been not-slash, as opposed to 26 that are. Adding in the other 46 chapters of BFM changes the balance, but still; 72 isn't quite 2x38.

Less than two thirds of what I write is slash. And now that I've finished with BFM and turned my attention at least partially to IPOADL, that percentage will probably drop even further.

Still, I stand by my self-labeling, even though I'm not sure why. After all, I could, with as much accuracy, call myself a hetter or a genner. Even ... saffer? ... femslasher? ... wouldn't be too big of a stretch. But it's "slasher" that's part of my identity.

*I did count Goran/Medrit; I realize that technically it's not slash if it's canon, but since I didn't separate out the m/f couples by canonicity or lack thereof, I'm not excluding them, either.
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So I went to the solstice party that a couple of friends were throwing. Booze was served, fun was had, and finally, as generally happens sooner or later when fen attend parties, geekery occurred.

A couple of the guys were talking about the new Alien/Predator movie, and one of them said that he was really sick of the one-note warrior cultures in different media. He cited the Mandalorians as an example, then said "sorry" to me, but already the conversation was off and running. People talking about how much they hated having them in Star Wars, how they were overused, etc. To which I shrugged and said something about there being something in Star Wars for everyone.

But then the original commentator started talking about how awful Karen Traviss is, and how she's ruined the books, and I thought "what is this, high school?" But I didn't say anything because really? Not worth it. Karen Traviss has probably a bazillion dollars; she doesn't need me to defend her honor to my overly excitable friend.

But then he said something that really puzzled me. "She said that there were only 3 million clonetroopers. I get the impression that she's a real bitch."

And I'm sitting here feeling like the underwear gnomes on South Park. Like I've missed something somewhere. Step 1: Only 3 million troops. Step 3: What a bitch.


Later, I was sitting around, being tired (at this point I'd been up for about 16 hours, on not much sleep the night before) and he asked what was wrong. "Is it because of what I said about the Mandalorians?"

All I can think is, he takes this all much more seriously than I do.
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Finally read parts of Sacrifice (the parts that DIDN'T have to do with the BIG SPOILERY THING that I refuse to admit happened, kthnx). Let's just say ... my curiosity about the whole Gay Mandalorian thing finally got to me.

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Not sure why the meta bug's biting all of a sudden -- must be all the TheraFlu.

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Inspired by my ongoing (bad cold inspired) glomp of all the Star Wars movies -- I'm was actually about halfway through ANH before I got called down for dinner, but it's inspired more by the EU stuff than the Original Trilogy, since that stops before the restoration of the Jedi.

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