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Well, I saw the last two episodes.

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As in, the while building a fence, a character made four taps and stopped for a moment, before beginning hammering in earnest. Subtle enough that I almost didn't catch it; I had to replay the scene to double-check.

More incidents from Jack's life, more of Jack being cold and ruthless when he needed to be. It's a side of him I really hadn't seen on his episodes of Doctor Who. Though that makes sense; on DW the Doctor's the one making the tough decisions; here Jack is the one who has to make the hard calls.
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Though this episode was all about the team, their personalities, their dynamics, it was also closely tied into the Doctor Who continuity. And not just the main plot of the Cybermen.

At the end of the episode, Jack and Gwen are talking. But under it, slow at first and subtle enough that you might not notice it unless you'd seen "The Sound of Drums," is a very familiar four-beat rhythm.

Since I've seen that episode, it made the hair on the back of my neck stand on end. Creepy!
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So I've actually watching Torchwood in order on Netflix, rather than randomly on BBCA. A few thoughts:

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