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Well, I saw the last two episodes.

Here there be spoilers:

Really, the only death I feel really sad about is Eileen's. This probably has a lot to do with the fact that she's only character (that I care about) whose death is unlikely to be undone by authorial asspull.

This is a problem, when you've got a series where death has become pretty much a revolving door. (See also: Steven Moffat's time as showrunner on Doctor Who.)

If Misha's new show gets cancelled, Chuck can always show up to resurrect Castiel again, and Crowley's "suicide" can always be explained away as he ducked out of his meatsuit at the last moment and used a pre-prepared illusion to fake the demon-death light show and then spent the next however long drinking Mai-Tais by the pool while wearing a hot young billionaire. (Actually, this makes a lot more sense than what actually happened: Crowley's never been one for self-sacrifice.) And, of course, Mary and/or Lucifer could find their way back from the apocalypse timeline.

That wasn't to say that I hated the episodes. I was glad that Sam and Dean both got some healing in their relationships with Mary, and that they got proof (by way of the aforementioned apocalyptic timeline) that they really have made a positive difference in the world. I was glad that the BMOL storyline can now go away (and Sam got to be such a badass), I was glad that Dean finally got to use his grenade launcher.

Ultimately, I feel like the problems with these episodes wasn't the episodes themselves, but with choices made throughout the season. Given how annoyed I was getting with pretty much all of the plot arcs this season, the ending was surprisingly strong.


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